Fruit Powder Marzipan and Cupcakes

Marzipan is a delicious light treat made of sugar and almond meal. A popular addition to themed cakes and and confections as it can be molded into just about anything.

Marzipan Day in 2017 will be celebrated on 12 January and while it is not clear, culinary historians have traced marzipan origins most likely to Persia.

Like any kind of icing and confectionery decoration, water activity plays an important role in quality, texture, sensory properties, processing, shelf life and food safety.

Here are some examples and ideas why you should be using fruit (and vegetable) powders in your baking sensations!

  • Transform buttercream into perfectly pliable frosting (fresh fruit can make your buttercream too runny to hold a swirl)
  • Add colour and natural flavor to meringue and macaroons
  • SAVE TIME! You have the family arriving soon or you are catering for a large group.
  • Flavour, Flavour, Flavour! Because our fruit powders are concentrated, natural and still hold valuable vitamins and minerals they will pack a punch in your sweet creations.
  • Always in season! No need to worry about what you can buy fresh this week, just grab fruit powders from your pantry. With extended shelf life they will be there when you need them
  • Natural Food Colour! In an age where we are learning that preservatives are just not good for your health and many family members and customers preferring to eat natural foods why not stun them with colours that are 100% natural
  • And, of course, what a great talking point! “Guess what I made this cake with?”

Sometimes Food Powders can be referred to as ‘Flours’ if you take this word literally you may just find a few more culinary uses for our Fruit & Vegetable Powders in your dessert and baking arsenal. Here are some ideas for you to build on!

  • Fold through your sweet or even savory breads
  • Use in fruit sauces and compotes
  • Add to your cake batter for a signature style (eg Orange Powder in Chocolate Cake = Jaffa Cake)
  • Roll raw truffles or Bliss Balls in Fruit Powder

What are some of your ideas?

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