BBQ Ribs by SA BBQ Woods

We recently caught up with Adam from SA BBQ Woods who gave us quite a detailed run down of Low n Slow BBQ ribs, read what he has to say…

Hello Joy,

Please find below as requested a detailed summary of how I do my ribs. 🙂

Firstly, Rib selection is fairly critical for me.

I like thick and meaty St Louis style pork ribs which I source from Ellis Butcher’s in McLaren Vale. Ian is great and knows exactly what to supply for Low and Slow smoking. if you are using skinny ribs without a lot of meat shorten the cooking time. perhaps 2 – 1.5 – 1 cooking time.


Several hours (or even the night before) I like to trim any excess fat off the top side of the ribs and remove the membrane off the bottom side of the ribs to help with smoke and flavour penetration and then apply a light coating of a mild mustard to assist in the dry rub sticking to the ribs.

Then apply your favorite Homestead Lovers BBQ dry rub generously over the top, bottom, ends and edges of the ribs. Rub & Grub also make some great dry rubs!


I like to do the 3 – 2 – 1 method which means = 3 hours smoking, 2 hours wrapped in foil and final hour out of foil for glazing. (total cook time 6hr)

Prepare your smoker for a cook at 225F (110c) and add a mild fruit wood eg. 2 or 3 apple or cherry chunks and place the ribs in. you will want to give you ribs a light spray with apple juice every 40 minutes or so to prevent ribs from drying out ontop and to add another flavour profile.

After the initial 3 hours smoke you will want to neatly wrap your ribs in alfoil for the next 2 hours. When I wrap the ribs in foil I give a light spray with apple juice again to add moisture to your rib parcel, and also add a drizzle of honey and a light sprinkle of brown sugar before sealing the foil. this adds yet another yummy flavour profile to your ribs!!

After the ribs have been steaming in the foil for 2 hours the final step is the unwrap the ribs, place back in the smoker and start lightly glazing the ribs with your favourite BBQ sauce at roughly 20 minute intervals for the final hour.

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