Meez On Plus Powdered Food

Pasta & Powdered Food for Colour & Flavour

Something we have wanted to try for a long time, homemade pasta! Making pasta using powdered food to colour and flavour just makes sense, having taken away the moisture factor, working with pasta and powdered food is a breeze!

Having said that, we have never made our own pasta, after we have made our own mess and cleaned that up, our motivation to start a grand project like homemade pasta is waning. So we turned to the extremely talented Billie from Meez On Plus Catering.

Billie specialises in Australian cuisine and is always on the look out for local ingredients, so she jumped at the chance to try our 100% natural powdered foods. For the pasta Billie used Beetroot, Shiitake and Strawberry powders.

As you can see by these photos homemade pasta is rather an effort so we applaud Billie’s efforts here!

If you like what we have done here as two amazing South Australian businesses coming together to share our passion of food, make sure you head over to Meez On Plus for your unique catering requirements and if you would like to see more of what we can do with powdered food, contact Homestead Lovers

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