Things I Learned at Creekside

Preservative or not Preservative

Being a company with strong ethics on certain preservatives Creekside 20017 taught us a lot about Low n Slow Competition BBQ. We sent the Spice Maiden into the trenches at Warracknabeal in October to support our main men in BBQ, The Smoking Joint.

Spice Maiden

Bumping in Friday gave this great BBQ family the opportunity to catch up with teams, colleagues and friends. But Saturday morning was serious business for the teams as they entered the Steak Cookoff Association competition which was judged by BBQ enthusiasts that had organised to be there on the day. Not long after the SCA results were in the teams started prepping for their main cook which would be judged on Sunday *Serious Face*

Judging BBQ

After securing a last minute judging spot and attending the official ABA judges course on Sunday morning I took my second ever opportunity to judge some great BBQ.  After spending Saturday hanging in the pit area I started to realise the difference between competition BBQ and BBQ with your family and friends or what you buy from a food truck or restaurant. One quote was cited to me when I turned my nose up at a particular ingredient, was “competition BBQ, I would not serve to my family” in other words, the protein is cooked and prepared to WOW the judges, not to eat in great quantities at the family shindig or served at your favourite BBQ restaurant.

“Keep your personal opinion out of judging bbq”  this is what we are taught in the preliminary course, and it is hard to ignore the things you think are important regarding food as opposed to what is important in judging BBQ.

Each category is judged on appearance, texture and taste, in that order and this is where it gets tricky for a judge who is already trying to suppress the fact that they hate coriander or not so fussed about pork to judge a hand in box on looks especially when a team may have compromised looks for taste.

For the record, I love coriander!

Finding a Balance

Like anything in life, finding a balance is the key and if you can remove yourself from your beliefs and leave a little wiggle room for something new and different then life and BBQ is going to be interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be some regrets but make sure you see BBQ for what it is, and that is, beautiful!


What about you? Have you judged at a competition BBQ event? Tell us about your experience!


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