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Hot Pleased Easter Buns

A slight twist on traditional Hot Cross Buns for those who like to be a little different

Chocolate Sablés with Juniper Sugar

Sablé is a French round shortbread biscuit created for the first time in the late 17th century. The French word Sablé means "sand" and by rubbing cold butter into flour and sugar forms particles of dough resembling sand.

Now you have had your history lesson, wouldn't these biscuits make a beautiful gift? Or just eat them all yourself, they are so yummy!

Find Juniper Sugar on our website for a limited time, our Valentines Day 2017 special to our customers!

Cheese & Tomato Stuffed Burgers

Completely inspired by our friends over at Rollin' Smoke BBQ

Momofuku Milk Bar Corn Cookies

Momofuku Milk Bar recipe that we have adapted slightly for the Aussie baker!

Seasoned BBQ Roast Vegetables

Easy delicious BBQ side dish

Sauerkraut Rubbed Chicken

Delicious rubbed chicken cooked your way

Strawberry Cured Salmon

Unique mix of ingredients that will surprise your tastebuds

Raspberry Chipolte Style BBQ Rub

A sweet and spicy dry rub, perfect for BBQ pork.

Cheese & Tomato on Toast

Do you love cheese and tomato on toast but hate it when you can't bite through the tomato and it falls off the toast? Try this simple twist on cheese and tomato!

Cheesecake Garnish

Such a simple but effective way to jazz up your dessert