Chilli Lime Infused Salt


September 27, 2017

A citrus twist on Andy's Chilli Attack Blend

  • Prep: 15 mins


1/3 cup Sea Salt or less

1 tbsp Lime Zest, Dried

1 tbsp Andy's Chilli Attack Blend


1Zest 4 - 5 limes and place zest on baking paper and leave in a dry spot for 1 - 3 days. Depending on humidity in the air this will generally take overnight.

2Chose a medium course sea salt or kosher salt and pulse in a food processor until you have a desired consistency. You will want to make it a medium fine but not too fine.

3Mix all ingredients in a pestle and mortar until combined well.

Use infused salt over fine fish such as salmon, for an unusual twist on desserts, on meat and potatoes, try it in dips like guacamole or in your favourite pasta dish.

We recommend Olssons Sea Salt for this recipe


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