Excess Produce

Are you a grower or seller of fresh produce and find yourself disposing of otherwise good product?

We can help with creating a sustainable product to help increase your profits. We can also take care of packaging and labelling for you plus help you with product development.

We can use waste and byproducts to create shelf stable products which is ideal for Producers and/or Fruit & Vegetable shops that have excess seconds that would be normally thrown out and also other producers such as Cider Makers.

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Special Product - Maple Syrup Dust

Special Product – Maple Syrup Dust

100% Pure Maple Syrup dried for your culinary pleasure
150g bulk or packaged in any combination

This item may be ordered, please allow up to 2 week turn around

A depositĀ From $25 is required for this product
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Custom BBQ Rubs

Want to create a custom BBQ Rub? We can work with you to make the perfect BBQ rub for any occasion. We can produce, package and label a custom BBQ Rub so you can sell it to your customers.

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Bring Your Own

Have a product that we don’t sell? Bring your own produce and we can assist in turning into powder, for example, and then package & label it for you to sell.

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